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Mission: Dream It. Do It. is all about your changing perceptions.

Today’s modern manufacturing is all about technology and how to utilize it to make processes and products faster, safer, and more efficiently. As these new technologies are applied to manufacturing they create a need for a new type of workforce. A workforce that is better trained and prepared for the modern manufacturing facility.

– Jason Hoff, President & CEO – Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc.

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What type of Manufacturing job is for you?

Take the Personal Assessment below to help you identify areas of manufacturing you may be most interested in.  Keep track of the number of A, B, C, D and E answers you give.  Click to reveal the question:

Personal Trait 1

A. From allowance to extra credit, I’m good at negotiating.
B. I like to sketch out new ideas.
C. I like to fix things.
D. Mixing up chemicals into new solutions is appealing to me.
E. I’m the kind of person that others come to if they need advice.

Personal Trait 2

A. Numbers are cool to work with.
B. I am a good writer.
C. I like working with high-tech tools. 
D. Technology is fascinating to me. 
E. I have a knack for explaining complicated stuff to people. 

Personal Trait 3

A. I like working on projects with people.
B. Imagining solutions to complex problems comes easily to me.
C. I’d be bored sitting at a desk all day crunching numbers or doing paperwork; I want a more active job.
D. I’m interested in the environment and keeping people healthy.
E. People feel safe with me.  I keep an eye out to make sure my friends are OK.

Personal Trait 4

A. I’m happiest when I’m organized.
B. I learn by looking.
C. Give me tools and a few random materials to build with and I’m happy.
D. I’m pretty methodical in my thinking. I like to carefully test out my ideas.
E. My ears are as big as my mouth. I’m a good listener.

Personal Trait 5

A. I can sell anything to anybody.
B. I’ve invented all sorts of cool things – even if only in my imagination.
C. In order to understand something, I need to get my hands on it, feel it, and even take it apart.
D. I like conducting experiments.
E. I like speaking in front of big groups of people.

Personal Trait 6

A. I admire Warren Buffett.
B. I admire Kanye West.
C. I admire Mike Rowe.
D. I admire Albert Einstein.
E. I admire Oprah Winfrey.

Mostly A’s: “Business” You’re outgoing, analytical, goal-oriented, organized, and driven to take a big idea and make it profitable.    
Sample jobs: accountant; industrial production manager; logistics control; purchasing manager  

Mostly B’s: “Creative” Your dreams can come true because you have the ability to take your creative ideas and turn them into something real.  Whether you have an eye for color and design or a way with words, you love to create something that’s entirely new and unique.  
Sample jobs: :  CAD designer; copywriter; industrial designer  

Mostly C’s: “Hands On” You’re the one who makes it all happen by, well, making it.  You like to work with your hands and your brain to build and fix things.  You’re happiest when you’re in action, seeing the results of your work as you turn nothing into something.  
Sample jobs:  engineer; tool and die maker; robotics technician  

Mostly D’s: “Scientific” You’re full of questions – or maybe it’s just two little questions: “Why?” “How?”  Your curiosity and investigative spirit, mixed with a knack for making sense of complex scientific issues, are your formula for success.  
Sample jobs: bioprocesses engineer; chemical technician; nanotechnologist  

Mostly E’s: “Social” The familiar term “people person” really does apply to you.  You are at your best when you’re interacting with people.  You listen well to people, and in turn they listen to you because your strength is in connecting with and understanding others.  
Sample jobs: human resources; market research analyst; sales representative

Changing Minds About Modern Manufacturing


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Dream It. Do It. has it all.

Jason Hoff, President & CEO
Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc.

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